Are you into planners? Would you like yourself drawn with a planner or holding any other random object? Then let me draw you!

Price : $20 and add $5* if you want additional background or your name in the drawing (used for Personal Business Logos or Trademarks)

Print : DIGITAL ONLY (reusable) I can allow up to two edits

Size : Roughly 55 to 60 cm W x 65 to 70 cm H

Medium : Art Studio & Adobe Photoshop CS

Turnaround Time : 1 to 2 weeks (not including weekends)

Terms : Email/Send a “selfie” or a photo of you, 3 of your preferred colours (I will add other shades coming from the colours you have given when needed). A pose you would like e.g. Holding  a planner, a pen or a cup of tea.

*Request to add names or other items such as backgrounds, clouds, rainbows, cats are $5 (Multiple planners are free!)

Most clients have used their portraits for their personal business cards or store stickers, planner dashboards. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT OR RESELL. Do not take off my signature. I will try to make it as small as possible.

Mode of payment : Paypal Only – When you have decided to have a portrait done, I will send you an invoice.


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